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Department of Africana Women's Studies

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Josephine Bradley


The purpose of this study was to explore depression as a sequelae (a pathological condition) in African-American women who have experienced intimate partner violence by a current or former spouse or boyfriend. This study examined how the varying types of physical, sexual and psychological abuse result in levels of depression This research also considers other variables which may contribute to individuals’ levels of depression such as socioeconomic status, relationship status, living situation, education, children, and age The eighty-one research participants in this study were African-American women, ages 19-54, who reported currently being in an abusive relationship. The data was collected at a large out-patient metropolitan hospital in the southeastern part of the United States which serves an indigent population A battery of instruments was administered to include a demographic sheet, the Beck Depression Inventory-!!, and the Index of Spouse Abuse The findings in this study revealed that there was a significant relationship between age and psychological abuse with level of depression among African-American women exposed to intimate partner violence