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Department of Sociology

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Dr. Wilbur Watson


This study, which is basically exploratory and descriptive in nature, focuses on several aspects of the homosexual identity. Interpersonal relationships among homosexuals such as the need for body contact is also a focus of this study. Homosexuals from two cities in Georgia — Atlanta and LaGrange — participated in this research. After agreeing to be interviewed, the participants were asked the questions on the Body Contact Questionnaire - Gay Form, which contained approximately 102 variables relating to sexuality, body contact and social background. As a result of this study, it was concluded that religion is an important factor in the lives of most homosexuals.. This study does not illustrate any clear support for the hypothesis that socio-economic status has any bearing on the formation of a gay identity. Nonetheless, this study does illustrate some family influence, especially mother-child relationships. Finally, due to the malfunction of computers in the computer center, the hypothesis stating the higher the degree of homosexuality, the more intense is the need for body contact, could not be tested by my deadline.