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Department of Sociology

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Dr. Sandra E. Taylor


Adult day care rehabilitation centers represent options for the elderly population that long-term care professionals have long been seeking. Chapter One represents the statement of the problem, historical overview of adult day care/rehabilitation centers in general and in Georgia, conceptual framework and theoretical grounding and research method. Chapter Two discusses the problem in contextual review, services, access, quality in adult day care and rehabililitation, the federal government and adult day care programs. Further discussions focus on centers and their relationship of variables from the instrument in the participation of persons suffering from Alzheimer's diseasae and related disorders in Georgia. This chapter seeks also to utilize secondary data on previous studies relating to adult day care/rehabilitation centers to supplement the study. Primary emphasis was to determine the extent to which those adult day care/rehabilitation centers studied provide for Alzheimer's disease and related disorders patients through their services. Chapter three will cover presentation of data and discussion in the area of analyzing and examining the centers having Alzheimer's disease and related disorders patients. Presentation of data and interpretation of findings, sampling frame characteristics, key variables and utility and limitation of the study will all be included in this chapter. Included also, will be a comparison of participation of the Alzheimer's disease and related disorders patients between adult day care and rehabilitation centers, a breakdown of adult day care, adult day rehabilitation and combination centers, and the relationship between adult day care and selected variables from the instrument. Finally, in Chapter Four, a summary of findings, conclusions and study recommendations if need be as to how the adult day care and rehabilitation centers can or should be operated in order to accommodate a greater number of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders cases in Georgia will be addressed.