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School of Social Work

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Hattie Mitchell


The purpose of this exploratory descriptive was to examine the degree to which African-American ministers were knowledgeable about the prevention and transmission of the AIDS virus. In order for the researcher to measure and assess this knowledge and what impact it contributed to their attitudes about the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) epidemic, eighty questionnaires were administered to include ideas on (1) Sources of information about the AIDS and HIV, (2) General knowledge about AIDS and HIV, (3) Misperceptions about HIV transmission, (4) Prevention of HIV transmission, (5) Perceived risk of HIV infection, (6) Reaction to government AIDS efforts. Simple descriptive statistics were used to analyze the participants' response to each question and was presented in percentages and frequency distributions. The findings from this study suggest that African-American ministers have a general working knowledge about the prevention and transmission of the AIDS virus.