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School of Social Work

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Dr. Joanne Rhone


Sexually actively young college students seem to perceive precautions against AIDS as not consistently necessary for themselves. The objective of this study was to determine whether knowledge about AIDS has influenced the sexual behavior of college students. One hundred and fifty-six students (N=156) from a local undergraduate college completed a self-administered questionnaire for this study. This study focused on four areas: knowledge about AIDS, attitude towards persons with AIDS, personal sexual behaviors and demographic. Students exhibited a high degree of AIDS knowledge, though some are still having multiple sexual partners without consistent use of condoms and believe that there is a vaccine treatment for AIDS. Student’s attitude towards persons with AIDS was generally good. But, their sexual activities did not imply that knowledge has influenced sexual behavior. The result of this study indicates the need for strategic education for developing interpersonal social skills and the inclusion of safe sex in college health curriculum at the freshman level.