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Department of Educational Leadership

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Dr. Trevor Turner


This study was conducted to identify the factors which were affecting teacher motivation and productivity in Jamaica, applying Herzberg's motivational factors. The following variables were used to examine the problems of teacher productivity: (a) Style of supervision, (b) Teacher Achievement (c) Interpersonal Relationship, (d) Recognition, (e) Responsibility, (f) Status, (g) Advancement and Growth, and (h) Working Condition. The hypothesis was that there was no statistically significant relationship between each of these variables and teacher productivity. A survey questionnaire, developed for the purpose of collecting data reflecting the perceptions of teachers from secondary high and technical schools in Jamaica, was sent to 350 participants randomly selected from eight schools in Middlesex County. The data were analyzed in the following ways: 1) Correlation Matrix of all variables, 2) Stepwise multiple regression to identify those variables causing the problem, using productivity as the dependent variable, 3) Factor analysis of all variables to group variables, 4) T-test to determine difference in perception of teacher productivity by sex (demographic data), and 5) ANOVA of demographic data of teacher productivity by a) Type of School, b) Age, c) Qualification, and d) Years of experience. The results of the analysis revealed that a significant correlation existed between teacher productivity and all the independent variables except status; and that the variables were grouped together in the factor analysis except for growth and development and status. There was a significant difference at .05 level of significance between teacher productivity by sex. All the biographic variables except for years of experience, yielded non-significant results. The regression analysis revealed that teacher productivity in Jamaica could be explained by two of Herzberg's motivational factors, namely, Achievement and Responsibi1ity. It is recommended that the Ministry of Education together with principals 1. Develop a promotional ladder to enhance remuneration, improve conditions, provide opportunities for greater responsibilities and curricular autonomy to teachers at all levels in the system. 2. Extend opportunities for teacher achievement through projects, conferences and committee services for curriculum development.