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School of Social Work

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Dr. Amos Ajo


The objective of this study was to examine the impact of emotional support on the longevity of AIDS patients. To accomplish this objective, a group of AIDS patients who received emotional support and a group of AIDS patients who received no support were studied. A random sampling technique was used. The participants consisted of 50 males. In the group that received support there were twenty-five (25) men and in the non-support group there were twenty-five (25) men. The study consisted of viewing the medical files of the fifty (50) men. The researcher examined the number of days patients lived after being diagnosed with AIDS of both groups. To test the difference in time lived between the groups, a t-Test was employed. The result of the t-Test analysis showed t = -.30, d.f = 48, P< .768. With these results, the null hypothesis was accepted. The study did not find any statistically significant difference between the group that had support and those who did not with reference to the length of time lived once being diagnosed with AIDS.