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Department of Public Administration

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Dr. Alex Danso


This study examines the City of Atlanta mayoral election of October 8, 1985. The election pitted the incumbent, Andrew Young, against J. K„ Ramey, Marvin Yigar, and Terry Farber. Andrew Young had 81 percent of the total vote cast. J. K. Ramey and Marvin Yizar had 12 percent and 7 percent of the total vote respectively. Andrew Young also had strong support from Black and white voters. The significance of the study lies in the fact that it demonstrates that Atlantans still voted along racial lines. Furthermore, the study shows that whites would vote for a moderate Black candidate if they thought he was performing well as mayor. Finally, the study points to the fact that despite Atlanta's majority Black population, political coalitions are necessary to elect public officials. This study was made possible by utilizing information from the Fulton County Board of Registrations and Elections, the Voter Education Project, academic journals, local newspapers and magazines.