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School of Social Work

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Hattie Mitchell


This exploratory descriptive study seeks to explore and examine the effects of spousal and parental grief and bereavement on personal functioning among two selected Batswana groups (bereaved spouses and parents). An exploratory descriptive design was used in this study to provide extensive information on the variables under investigation. A sample of 29 subjects was drawn from Botswana (19 spouses and 10 parents). A 31 item self administered questionnaire also translated into Setswana was sent to Botswana; and administered in Gaborone (urban setting and the capital city) and Mathathane (a village setting). The 29 subjects who participated in this study were varying in age ranging from 20 years old to 61. The study showed no significant statistical difference among spousal and parental grief and bereavement on personal functioning. Frequencies, percentages, t-test and Chi-square were used in this study to measure the relationship between the two selected groups.