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The purpose of this project was to unite experienced and less experienced clergy persons of Panama City, Florida in a family model of mentoring, thus producing self-differentiation, a measure of healing for wounds, and a higher level of professionalism in the ministry of the Black church.

The project consisted of ten weeks of group and sub-group participation. The target group was composed of eleven clergy persons who completed the questionnaires and participated in all the group session activities. The two-hour sessions included audio and video presentations, therapeutic dialogue, group interactions and discussions. Each session began with a brief devotional period lasting approximately ten minutes consisting of prayer, scripture, and spiritual meditations. Each activity was designed to empower clergy persons to be more efficient and effective in Christian ministry. Moreover, the activities were designed to challenge and inspire clergy persons to serve as positive role models for the future leaders of the Black church.

The overall hypothesis was as a result of linking mentors and protégés in an organized structure. The participants would successfully deal with identity issues, emotional baggage, and unprofessional conduct. While this goal was achieved it should be noted, however, that the time allotted was insufficient. An addition of four weeks to the project would have solidified the results of the data. This unique model of ministry is ongoing in Panama City, Florida. It is empowering spiritual leaders to serve their generation and to aid in the preparation of spiritual leaders of the 21st Century.

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