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Department of Chemistry

First Advisor

Kofi B. Bota

Second Advisor

Malcolm B. Polk


A kinetic study has been conducted on the formation of polydiacetone acrylamide oxime on Tenal-70. Graft copolymerization and oximation are two major reaction steps in the synthesis of the product. For graft copolymerization kinetics, gas chromatography was employed to follow the depletion of diacetone acrylamide (DAA) monomer. Oximation reaction kinetics were studied by use of infrared analysis and the Dumas gasometric method of analysis. The study revealed that graft copolymerization has a first order dependence on DAA monomer. From experiments at different temperatures, the activation energy (E ) was determined to be 8.8 kcal/mole. Although it is known that the graft copolymerization in this process is pH-sensitive, the results obtained here were uncertain. The results obtained by infrared analysis were inconclusive because of the limited quantitative capabilities of the method. However, subsequent elemental analysis for nitrogen showed zero order kinetics for the oximation reaction.