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Department of Political Science

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Dr. Hashim Gibrill


The object of the study is to help African Americans gain a realistic understanding of the role they can play in the enhancement of African development. The study argues that factors that will determine their role will depend on their technical skills, cultural adaptation and language articulation. An analysis of Pan Africanism reinforced the relationship between the African and African American in a historical context. Therefore, it is very important for the African Americans to have an understanding of the components of development and how they can realistically and actively participate. The research methodology involved direct participatory observation recorded for two years during my tour as a Peace Corps Volunteer. The intent of using this approach is that it involves the interweaving of looking and listening, acting and reacting, and fully participating in the life of another human being in order to acquire social knowledge. Pan Africanism influence can be the motivation for going to Africa. Joining the Peace Corps can be the means to get there. However, the outcome of the experience will be determined by what one brings to the experience. My case study shows how I moved from a "cultural fantasy" stage about Africa, into reality about how I can help to impact on Africa's development. Out of this experience, I can prescribe to the African American community means that they can employ to help to improve the development of Africa, as we are advancing Pan Africanism into a higher form.