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School of Social Work

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Dr. Sandra Foster


This study is an outcome evaluation and examines the goals and objectives of the Columbia Community Connections, Inc. Father to Father Men’s Services Program in Decatur, Georgia. The program is also known simply as the Father to Father (FtF) Program. It provides parenting education, peer support and advocacy for fathers. The study was based on the premise that programmatic effectiveness is attributed to the implementation and accomplishment of program goals. The seven program goals were the independent variables and the dependent variable was the effectiveness of the program. A survey was administered to participants in the Father to Father Program via the telephone. Data analysis was done with SPSSWIN. Frequency distribution and analysis of T-test were used to analyze the data. The researcher found that five out of seven program goals were being accomplished effectively. Recommendations were made for the other two program goals. The conclusions from the findings suggest that Father to Father is working towards accomplishing each program goal. The results show high percentages and significant differences in fathers after participation in the program. Increased networking and promotion of the program will ensure the accomplishment of goals that the program is not meeting.