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Department of Public Administration

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George 0. Kugblenu


The primary intent of this study is to examine the effects of informal job analysis procedures on the Administrative Assistant Classification in the Atlanta City Government. An attempt has been made to analyze the effects of infprmal job analysis procedures on the validity of job information, contents of job descriptions and the recruitment of qualified individuals in the Administrative Assistant Classification. Job analysis is presented as pivotal to providing dependable accurate information about each job which is needed for many personnel functions and decisions, such as recruitment, selection, placement, classification and evaluation. With increasing demands that employment procedures be job related and meet certain validity standards, it is imperative that formal procedures for analyzing jobs be developed for use in the Bureau of Personnel and Human Resources in Atlanta City Government. This study is significant because without dependable, accurate job information, valid and acceptable decisions about jobs cannot be made. The main sources of data were obtained from interviews conducted with members of the Bureau of Personnel and Human Resources and with Administrative Assistants in Atlanta City Government. Secondary data from books, government documents, journals, pamphlets, reports and studies were also used.