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School of Social Work

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Dr. Sarita Chukwuka


This study examined the correlation between students' perception and knowledge of school violence. The research was based on the premise that the reduction of school violence will create an environment that is more conducive for learning, and for teachers to inspire and guide the learning of students. A correlational analysis was used to analyze data from students in two areas: 1) knowledge of violence; and 2) efficiency of school violence intervention programs. The sample was taken from three local community centers. The participants received a 22-item questionnaire assessing their knowledge of violence and school intervention programs. The data were analyzed using Pearson's R correlations, t-tests, and cross-tabulation analysis. The study found that the students' knowledge and perception of violence did not change after the educational intervention program. The research is important to the social work profession because the findings illustrate that clinicians can empower the students, parents, and communities with the necessary skills and training needed to deter violence in the schools.