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Department of Educational Leadership


The purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions of sexual harassment among selected school administrators and faculty members of three selected Metropolitan Atlanta School Districts. This study also investigated the relationship between these perceptions toward sexual harassment. A secondary purpose of the study was to add to the body of knowledge about sexual harassment in public schools, using administrators and faculty because these two groups hold the most power in the school and should be more aware of the issue. Four hundred and seventy questionnaires were distributed to thirty four schools. Questionnaire data were analyzed using the SPSS/PC+ statistical program. Twenty eight null hypotheses relating to the perceptions of administrators and faculty were tested. Descriptive analyses of data, including frequencies, and mean scores, were used to generate data for hypotheses testing. It was concluded that there were no significant differences in perceptions of administrators and faculty as to sexual harassment in the three Metropolitan Atlanta School Districts. However, it was found that school level has a significant impact on the perceptions of administrators and faculty as to attitudes about sexual harassment.