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The present study was undertaken to explore the relationship between family therapy and recovery from alcoholism. Using medical records, control and study groups were established. The groups were differentiated as to family participation in the treatment process. The rate of patient recovery one year after discharge from treatment was established through after-care records. When the two groups were compared no significant difference in recovery rate was noted at the .05 level of confidence. The results of this study are not in agreement with the literature cited in the early pages of this paper. Existing literature supports both the disease concept of alcoholism and the effectiveness of family therapy in treatment. Finally, despite the noted lack of agreement with similar studies, several meaningful results were obtained from the study. As a result of this study, several changes in the methods of record keeping and approaches to family therapy were introduced in the institution where the study was conducted. This study also examines numerous factors historically thought to influence treatment outcome among alcoholic patients. Many of these factors proved to have little significance in recovery while one factor, sex, proved to have a significant impact on recovery rate.