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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Educational Leadership

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Dr. Trevor Turner

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Dr. Moses Norman

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Dr. Sheila Gregory


The purpose of this study was to examine school choice perceptions of parents in Clayton County public school system. The researcher was interested in knowing the belief system from which parents drew conclusions about school choice. The researcher analyzed the relationship between five independent variables: knowledge level of vouchers, knowledge level of charter schools, knowledge level of No Child Left Behind, knowledge level of Clayton County choice and knowledge of No Child Left Behind and two dependent variables: acceptance of school choice and belief in the effectiveness of school choice to improve education. The study was significant due to a gap regarding research that has been conducted, which provided a better understanding of the motivation underlying parents' arguments supporting or opposing various school choice initiatives. 4 quantitative research design was used in the study. A Likert rating scale survey was distributed to parents of children attending one Title I elementary school in Clayton County, Georgia to determine if a significant relationship existed between the independent and dependent variables. The researcher found a statistically significant relationship between three independent variables and one dependent variable (Socioeconomic Status, Effectiveness of School Choice to Improve Education and Knowledge level of Charter Schools and Clayton County's School Choice Options, Acceptance of School Choice). A significant relationship also existed between one independent variable and two dependent variables (Knowledge level of Vouchers, Acceptance of School Choice and Effectiveness of School Choice to improve Education). It was recommended that school system personnel provide more information to parents regarding school choice options in Clayton County. Options in Clayton County.

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