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Department of Public Administration

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Dr. George Kugblenu


The primary focus of this study is to evaluate the Microfilm Office's mission, productivity and cost effectiveness. However, this office cannot be examined properly without reference to the ultimate goal of a microfilm operation: to support a records management program. Thus, the scope of this analysis includes an examination of the issues related to the establishment of a records management system for the city, as well as specific recommendations on operational changes to be effected in the microfilm office. The problems that continue to plague the City's Microfilm Operations are the: inability of many city agencies to store records and implement proper referencing systems for documents of legal, fiscal, historical and administrative value; city's inability to abide by state laws that mandate the development and implementation of a records retention program for over a decade; lack of effort on the part of city government to upgrade the Microfilm Division's operation in every aspect - this includes the need to install new equipment, add more personnel and acquire additional working space. The study is significant because it illustrates how the implementation of an efficient records management program could bring about increased government efficiency and better use of city resources. However, such results can not occur unless the productivity and cost-effectiveness of the Microfilm Office can be improved through adequate staffing equipment changes and use of a service bureau. The main sources of information were obtained from correspondences, budget manuals of the City of Atlanta, and previous studies relevant to the subject matter that were analyzed. The primary data collection techniques utilized in this study were mainly interviews with heads of various departments and agencies of the city and participant observation. A variety of secondary data was obtained from books, periodicals and unpublished materials.