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Department of Biology

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Dr. Mary L. Reddick


Fetal abnormalities were experimentally produced in Swiss-Webster mice by injections of thalidomide, 60 mg/kg of body weight daily. Deformities were manifested in progeny of thalidomide injected males and females. Evidence from this investigation indicates that the most frequent abnormalities observed were deformities of the limb, although deformities of the mouth, ear, tail, and pelvic region were also observed. The frequency and severity of the abnormalities were definitely influenced by the time at which the injections were given. Gross analyses revealed that the greatest number of deformities were observed in progeny whose mothers had received injections of thalidomide prior to mating. This fact was an indication that an accumulation of the teratogen was acquired before the critical period of paturition. Histological studies of the testes from slides prepared by the paraffin method and stained with hematoxylin and eosin revealed that thalidomide affects the formation of sperms.