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Malcolm B. Polk


The synthesis and characterization of the following polyesters and polyesteramides are described: Poly[oxy(2-chloro-1,4-phenylene)oxyterephthaloyl],1; Poly[oxy(2-chloro-1.4- phenylene)oxyterephthaloyl-b-imino(2-methyl-l,3-pheny-lene)iminoterephthaloyl],2? Sebacoyl-terminated poly[oxy(2-chloro-1,4-phenylene)oxyterephthaloyl, 2; Poly[oxy(2-chloro-1.4-phenylene)oxyterephthaloyl-sebacoyl-imino(2-methyl-l,3-phenylene)iminoterephthaloyl],4.The properties of these polymers are considered valuable for many product applications, but impose serious limitations when the melting temperatures exceed the decomposition temperatures. Various structural modifications such as copolymerization, the use of ring substituents as well as kinks or bent rigid units offer routes to lower melting temperatures to below the decomposition points. These approaches have been utilized in the above synthesis. In addition, flexible spacers and chain extenders have been incorporated in the polymer main chain. These additional structures have the effect of influencing the properties of these polymers and consequently result in a decrease in melting temperatures.