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Department of Chemistry

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Dr. Amos Ajo

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Naomi Ward


The purpose of this study is to describe infant mortality in relationship to the provision of health services in South Africa's Bantustans. The findings of the study seem to indicate that infant mortality is associated with the method of delivery of health care, the apartheid system, which includes the shaping of the economy and cultural factors. Apartheid, as a political system, entails the separation of races in all spheres of life. Accordingly, health care services meant for Blacks are separate from those meant for whites. Among white South Africans, infant mortality is reported to be 10 out of every 1,000 births; whereas for Blacks, it is reported to be as high as 100-110 per 1,000 births. The apartheid system, the economy, the nature of prenatal care, housing and amenities, medical education and the deployment of health care workers are found to have a significant impact on health care and infant mortality in the Bantustans.