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School of Social Work

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Dr. Ruby L. Thompson


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of a culturally responsive pedagogy in improving African American middle grades students’ achievement in attitude toward mathematics. Subjects were selected from two intact mathematics classes. Student gains between pre-test and post-test scores on the Quasar Cognitive Assessment Instrument and the Quasar Mathematics Attitude survey were analyzed using a two-tailed t-statistic. The non-equivalent pre-test post-test control group design was used to test group differences between the control group and treatment group. This study found that there was no significant difference between the pre-test and post-test scores of the treatment group and control group on the Quasar Cognitive Assessment Instrument. There was a significant difference found between the groups in attitude toward mathematics. The treatment group did show the more improved attitudes toward mathematics than did the control group. This study concluded that for this middle school urban group of African American students’ the use of culturally responsive pedagogy enabled students to achieve gains at a level comparable to their counterparts whom received traditional instruction. The findings of this study support culturally responsive pedagogy as an instructional method which has the potential to increase mathematics achievement and foster potential attitudes of middle grades African American students in urban school settings.