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Atlanta University (AU)

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Public Administration

First Advisor

Dr. George Kugblenu


The primary purpose of this degree paper is to examine the major problems associated with the administration of Fulton County’s Housing Rehabilitation Program. The significance of this study lies in the fact that the ability of a government to provide the very basic necessities of life to its citizens, is the basis upon which the effectiveness of government is judged. Since the United States government made a commitment, in 1949, to assure a decent home for every American, an examination of one of the programs aimed at fulfilling the commitment is therefore appropriate. The major findings of this study indicate that the the Housing Rehabilitation Program is plagued by four main problems; 1)The lack of adequate dissemination of information concerning the Housing Rehabilitation Program; 2) The lack of adequate staff to effectively service a large jurisdictional area, such as Fulton County; 3) The rigid eligibility tequirements and detailed application process; and 4) The over reliance on dated, (ten year old), census data information to determine eligibility effectively. The sources of information for this study were obtained from interviews, participatory observation, books, journals articles, and departmental manuals.