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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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African-American Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Daniel Black

Second Advisor

Dr. Olubisi Oluyemi

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Dr. Josephine Bradley


The purpose of this research was to examine elements of traditional African architectural design in the works of Demas Nook. These elements remain aesthetically and functionally valuable; hence, their inclusion in the development of modern African residential architecture. The research simultaneously explores the methodology Nwoko has created to apply his theory of comfort design in architecture, as well as the impact of traditional African culture and European culture on modem African residential design. The methodology used is visual analysis, as several of Nwoko's buildings were visited, photographed and analyzed for the application of his design ideology of New Culture. The three elements of design examined are his approach to space design that supports lifestyle and achieves comfort; artistic application that reflects African aesthetic values in color, motif and design patterns; and his use of building materials, that not only provide comfortable interiors in a tropical climate, but are affordable and durable. The research concludes with recommendations and contributions to the discourse on modern African design and offers the findings for further research and development of African and Diaspora communities. The findings expose the intrinsic value of culture and architectural retention in the evolution of modem architecture in Africa and the Diaspora.

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