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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Social Work

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School of Social Work

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Dr. Richard Lyle


This study examined the relationship among social workers who were engaged in traditional social work practice and non-traditional social work practice. One hundred and forty two (142) survey participants were selected for the study utilizing non­ probability convenience sampling. The survey participants were composed of members of the Georgia Chapter of National Association of Social Workers who were either currently working or retired from the field of social work. The survey questionnaire was developed for the purpose of exclusive use of this study and employed the four point Likert Scale. The findings of the study revealed that regardless of the practice settings social workers showed little distinction in their adherence to social work mission, values, foundational knowledge and use of social work skill sets. The findings also indicated that social workers were accepting (85.8%) of non-traditional social work settings despite 65.7% of participants identifying themselves as traditional social workers in the study