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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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School of Social Work

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Dr. Margaret Count-Spriggs


This study examines the influence social support has on delay of treatment among African-American lymphoma patients. One hundred nineteen (119) social work assessments were collected from medical records utilizing non-probability sampling. Data were extracted from the social work assessments of lymphoma patients considered for or having had bone marrow transplantation. The measurement tool was designed based on survey information from the Supportive Care Needs Survey, Social Support Behaviors Scale and the Social Support Survey Instrument. The findings of the study indicated that, overall, social support did not significantly influence delay of treatment. However, there were statistically significant relationships among social worker support and delay, gender and delay, and type of lymphoma diagnosis and delay for bone marrow transplantation. A large percentage of the patient population who may have been considered for bone marrow transplantation did not receive social work assessments and could have experienced delay associated with limited social support. Further research should be conducted on why this population did not receive social work assessments and comparisons should be made to the population that did in order to examine group differences

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