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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Social Work and Public Health

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Dr. Robert W. Waymer


The purpose of this study was to analyze, describe and explain the relationship between role ambiguity and burnout of social workers. Also, the study was designed to determine the best predictor of role ambiguity and burnout of social workers.Survey research was employed in a metropolitan area involving randomly selected samples of 158 social worker respondents compiled from a list of National Association of Social workers (NASW), National Association of Black Social Worker (NABSW) and Clark Atlanta University School of Social Work. The questionnaire employed one section from two instruments. The emotional exhaustion section of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) and the role ambiguity section of the Rizzo’s Role Perception Questionnaire. The findings of the study indicated a statistically significant relationship between burnout and role ambiguity among social workers. The majority of the social workers agreed that they experienced burnout and a majority disagreed that they experienced role ambiguity in the workplace. The study indicated that the best predictor of role ambiguity and burnout for social workers was the independent variable current job satisfaction.

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