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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Criminal Justice Administration

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Dr. Komanduri S. Murty


This study examined the success and failure rates among noninstitutionalized black male delinquents aged 13 through 17 years from the Atlanta New Dimension Community Treatment Center of Georgia. Those who succeeded and those who failed were compared along the following dimensions: (1) family structure; (2) educational achievement; (3) social class; (4) seriousness of offense; and (5) alcohol-drug use. The data required for this study were collected using 50 successful case files and 50 failure case files. The study sample was drawn from one Atlanta community treatment center (CTC). The study findings disclose: (1) Those delinquents coming from an Intact family are more likely to succeed; (2) those with higher educational achievement will be more likely to succeed; (3) those who are products of middle class are more likely to succeed; (4) those delinquents with less serious offenses are more

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