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Atlanta University (AU)


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Political Science

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Dr. Ku-Ntima Makidi


The purpose of conducting this research was to make accessible a detailed analysis of women’s involvement, roles, contributions in the national liberation movement in Guinea-Bissau and the Cape Verde Islands. Such a study was necessary because of the scanty nature of the information available on this particular subject matter. In order to adequately assess the women’s engagement in the liberation movement - the African Party for the Independence of Guinea—Bissau and Cape Verde (PAIGC), it was of equal significance to focus on their impact in the national culture, the economy, and the political structure. Additionally, a comparison was made between pre and post independence periods in relation to women’s specific gains in education, agriculture, employment, culture, etc. In Chapter 5 the analysis relates to women’s involvement in the transformation process, and the researcher emphasizes the consciousness-raising factors. Chapter 6 constitutes the conclusion. Based on the findings, the researcher reached the conclusion that in addition to the PAIGC, consciousness-raising was a major factor in women’s participation in the liberation movement. This is with special emphasis on their struggle for more and better education, improved health and child care facilities, and for access to better agricultural tools; as well, for the eradication of oppressive traditionalistic/cultural norms such as the lack of divorce rights for women and polygyny.

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