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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Social Work

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Social Work and Public Health

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Dr. Gale Horton


This research was to examine the relationship between the placement of teenagers in foster care and their educational success or failure. The research was to look at the variables of teenagers in foster care and whether their placement increased their chances of not completing high school or completing high school. The research used the Ecological Theory in relationship to environment. The effects that the environment places on whether a person can function successfully. This relates to the displacement of the teenager into foster care and the support that he or she may receive in this adjustment, as well as the various forces from school environment and policies that govern the child welfare system. The findings revealed that fifty percent of the respondents were ages 17-18, and the majority were African-American. Seventy percent remain in high school, but felt they were better students prior to placement in foster care, despite the fact that most of the respondents were B or B+ students prior to placement.

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