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Atlanta University (AU)


School of Social Work

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Social Work and Public Health

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Dr. Amos Ajo


The overall objective of this study was to compare two modalities of treatment, group counseling for men and couple counseling for both partners; that are utilized to intervene and defer further violence in abusive/violent relationships, and evaluate theireffectiveness. To attain this objective, various aspects of the prescribed treatment programs used to stop further violent behavior in relationships were addressed by the researcher: (a) the specific goals and
objectives of the programs, and how they were achieved, and (b) whether the chosen treatment program was effective. A comparative design was used in the study. A self administered questionnaire was given to men in treatment, and battered women who either sought action against, or had an abusive partner in treatment. Both groups used in this research were members at the Odsseys’ Men Project and Battered Women’s Group. The study was an attempt to find out which prescribed modality of treatment was most effective at reaching the individual goals of its treatment program, and hence the most effective intervention at preventing further abusive/violent behavior in relationships. The results indicated that: group counseling for men had a significant effect on achieving the objectives of stress reduction, sex role and cognitive restructuring; whereas conjoint and group couple counseling had a significant effect on achieving the objective of problem-solving.

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Social Work Commons