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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Dr. Sandra E. Taylor

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Frank D. Sisya


This thesis examined the relationship between participation and locus of control among urban African-American youth aged five to nine. The sample consisted of forty boys and girls who participated in a federally sponsored program. The program’s major goal is to provide environmental education and forestry career information to urban minority children to stimulate an interest in natural resources preservation as well as in opportunities within this field. Subjects completed the Children’s Nowicki-Strickland locus of control scale before and after participation in the environmental education program. Data were analyzed using the paired T-Test. The study’s findings failed to show a statistically significant increase in internality as a result of participation. The findings of this study are inconsistent with the reviewed literature which suggests that “participation” is positively related to an increased internal locus of control in African-American youth. Limitations, however, in the methodological processes could well account for these findings.

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