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Atlanta University (AU)


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Educational Leadership

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Trevor A. Turner


The purpose of this study was to examine the level of agreement or disagreement of students regarding the usefulness of the computer in the writing process. An examination of the level of agreement or disagreement from students and teachers with regards to the usefulness of the computer in the writing process was implemented. The teachers further determined the effectiveness of the computer improving students’ writing. A quasi-experimental design was used to determine how students felt about the use of computers in expressing their feelings within regard to stimuli. There was an experimental group in which a treatment was conducted, but there was no control group. The findings revealed that when students are exposed to “stimuli” at a Writing Center and then use a computer to write their feelings reading the “stimuli”, the students and the teachers are likely to express more agreement than disagreement that the computers are helpful in written expression. Based on the findings and conclusions of this study, recommendations were made. The implementation of these recommendations was that students who use the computers in the writing process tend to feel better about their writing and about themselves.

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