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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Social Work and Public Health

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Dr. Richard Lyle


The purpose ofthis study was to examine the effects of age of initial sexual orientation and family composition on cognitive distortions among adolescent Caucasian and African American male sexual offenders. This study was based on the assumption that the age of initial sexual orientation and single parent households effect the amount of cognitive distortions present in Caucasian and African American males who have been identified as sexual offenders. Parenting make-up (single parents or married couples) and age of orientation to sexuality were considered the two independent variables in this study. The dependent variable was identified as cognitive distortion. A case study analysis approach was used to analyze data that were obtained from completed Adolescent Cognition Scales and Psychosexual Assessments provided by a clinical social work expert in the field of adolescent sexual offenders. The conclusion drawn from the findingsindicated that there was a weak positive relationship between age of initial sexual orientation and cognitive distortions. The findings further revealed that there was no statistically significant relationship between family composition and cognitive distortions and that African American adolescent sexual offenders had a slightly higher degree of cognitive distortions than Caucasian adolescent sexual offenders.

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