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The purpose of this project was to empower the congregation of the Southside CME Church to actively work with persons from the addictive community in order to help them recover from their addictions. Although the project begun from an evangelistic campaign, it soon developed into a recovery ministry because of the needs expressed by a small group of members who joined the Southside family. The church’s response gave rise to efforts to cultivate positive attitudes between the addicts and the church. It was these positive attitudes that not only gave the church family the desire to work with persons who were addicted, but also gave persons who were addicted the desire to be a part of the services that were being rendered. The net effect of this communion between the addict and the church was that each group grew closer to their greatest potential because they were mutual benefactors of the services they provided for each other. In this regard, both groups were transformed. The model provided as a result of this ministry is ongoing and can be modified to meet future needs.

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