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Atlanta University (AU)


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Criminal Justice Administration

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Professor J.A. Smith


The major objective of this document is to give one insight into the area of various treatment concepts, as they relate to juvenile delinquents. An attempt has been made to show various reasons for inadeQuacies of treatment as well as setting out the different types of treatment such as, non-legal versus legal methods and experimental programs in the field. There are four different reasons expounded upon in this document relating to the inadequacies of treatment in this area. The document sets out six various methods of which are referred to as legal methods. The document further sets out six different experimental types of programs in the field, as well as setting out certain principles which should govern the treatment of delinquents. The primary source of information was obtained from various books, periodicals and leaflets which have been published in the course of identifying the problems in this area.

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Criminal Law Commons