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Atlanta University (AU)


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Dr. Joseph B. Myers


All experiments were performed on adult cockroaches of Blaberus craniifer(Burmeister) maintained at room temperature and fed Gerber’s Mixed Baby Cereal. Sugar (glucose and treha lose) concentrations were determined on hemolymph samples collected from fed males and females, while another group of females had been starved for one week prior to sampling. The glucose oxidase and anthrone methods were used to determine Hemolymph concentrations for glucose and trehalose, respectively. The mean values for the fed cockroaches were 5.61 and 0.98mg/mI for trehalose and glucose, respectively, while the values for the starved group were 11.41 and 4.19 mg/ml, respectively. Sacs made from sect ions of the gut were injected with C14-glucose (0.0944 mg/mI) placed in a bathing solution of physiological saline containing 0.80 mg/mI glucose. Radioactive glucose was transported across the different sections of the gut incubated at different temperatures. The presence of a metabolic inhibitor showed a significant decrease in the amount of transport. it was therefore concluded that there is an active transport system for glucose in the gut of B. craniifer. An in vivo determination of the conversion rate for glucose into trehalose was made by injecting C14- glucose in the hemolymph of B.craniifer. After various time periods, hemolymph samples were taken and the sugars separated on thin-layer chromatograms (silica gel, F-254) placed in a solvent system of n—butanol, pyridine, and water (70: 15: 15). Based on our results, about 50% of the radioactivity (initially glucose) was identified as trehalose in one hour.

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Biology Commons