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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Social Work

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Social Work Policy Planning and Administration

First Advisor

Dr. Sarita K. Davis

Second Advisor

Dr. Margaret Counts-Spriggs

Third Advisor

Dr. Jenny Jones


As the "sine qua non" of social work practice, evaluation has widespread implications for practitioners. This study examines how social work practice culture impacts evaluation practice. The study is based on the premise social work practitioners have a unique approach to evaluation practice that is guided by practice wisdom, education and training, and a professional code of ethics. A mixed methods design is used to identify and prioritize specific activities that promote evaluation knowledge and skill in social work practice. This study is unique in that it elicits response from social work practitioners to increase knowledge related to evaluation practice and leadership behaviors in social work practice. The study benefits social work practitioners, educators, and administrators by emphasizing the importance of evaluation and how social work practitioners can inform decision-making related to evaluation. Results suggest social work education has a critical role in promoting evaluation practice, establishing evaluation practice competencies, and using evaluation results to inform policy and practice.

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