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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Social Work and Public Health

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Dr. Gale Horton


The overall objective of this exploratory study is to clarify and expound on the different levels of self-esteem of adolescents receiving residential treatment. To achieve this objective, the following determinants were addressed by the researcher: (1) Depressed Affects (2) Suicidal Ideations (3) Juvenile Delinquency (4) Child Abuse. The study involved thirty adolescents (male and female), ranging between the ages of twelve and under eighteen. These participats reside at Charter Behavioral Health Systems at Laurel Heights Hospital. The Index of Self-Esteem (ISE) questionnaire designed by Walter Hudson was administered to the participants. The study was an attempt to provide clarity and expansion of the levels of self-esteem of adolescents receiving residential treatment. The results indicated no significant statistical difference in levels of self-esteem of the adolescents receiving residential treatment.

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