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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Sarita Davis


This study evaluates the impact of perceived gender and job market inequities on the financial stress in Black marriages. It posits that Black couples who perceive fewer gender and labor market inequities experience greater financial stress in their marriages. A sample of 21 married Black couples between 24 to 65 years old were randomly obtained from a family reunion in Miami, FL, a counselor's office and a church's masses in Atlanta, GA. The design was a One Shot Case study XO. X represented the perception of gender role and labor market inequities. The measure O, The Weber Assessment Questionnaire for Men and Women, is a 33 restricted item questionnaire, assessing the perceptions of gender and labor market inequities and financial stress. The survey inquired about gender role attitudes, marital satisfaction, financial status, and demographics. Ultimately, it measured the degree to which cultural awareness acts as a mediator and helps to resolve financial conflict. The findings showed that the participants experienced no financial stress in their marriage and perceived labor market but little gender role inequities. An amalgam of the Adlerian marital theory and Afrocentrism should help marriage counselors to understand the dilemma faced by Black couples with these inequities and to positively assist them in the counseling process.

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