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Atlanta University (AU)


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Public Administration

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Professor George O. Kugblenu


The primary intent of this paper is to discuss the efforts of U.S. Representative Harold Ford, to address certain problems confronting members of his constituency. These efforts involve the introduction of legislation as well as dealing with a federal agency in order to assist the constituents. These efforts on the part of Congressman Ford are very significant for several reasons: The intervention on behalf of the elderly residents represented an attempt to address the needs of one of the most neglected segments of the American population —the elderly. The Health Care Legislation introduced by the Congressman is more comprehensive than what exists at the moment; and the National Gas Pricing Amendments Act attempted to challenge the dominant role of the oligarchic oil companies in determining the price of natural gas. The main sources of information were Congressional Research Service Reports, and Inter-office Memoranda from Congressman Ford’s Washington office. Also a wide variety of secondary information, periodicals and books was used.