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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Dr. Georgene Bess-Montogomery

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Dr. Alma Vinyard

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Dr. Shirley Williams-Kirksey


This study investigates the lives of female sufferers of the Holocaust and American slavery by comparing the different experiences of female and male imprisonment. Critics’ viewpoints on African-American slavery versus the Holocaust genocide were used to write this study. Lastly, it will be noted from renowned authors, their perspective of enslavement being much more torturous to women than men. A historical-analysis approach will be used to record the lives of the women discussed. Diaries, biographies, and reputable sources such as scholarly journals are to be employed to verify and document the events of the Holocaust and American slavery. The conclusion drawn from the research supports the idea that the aspects of female daily life in bondage consists of vulnerability to rape, forced motherhood, humiliation, sexual bargaining, pregnancy, abortion and fear for one’s children.

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