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Atlanta University (AU)


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Public Administration

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Professor George O. Kugblenu


The primary purpose of this paper is to examine some of the critical issues inherent in the administration of employee assistance programs (EAPs). The focus is on these critical issues in an attempt to analyze those problems confronting the administration of EAPs. This study is significant because of the widespread concern over increasing losses in employee productivity within organizations. In an effort to correct this situation, EAPs have been implemented by various organizations both in the private as well as public sectors. Although EAPs are largely successful, critical problems continue to challenge the administration of such programs, Moreover, in order to define successful strategies to deal with troubled employees, management must consider certain critical issues associated with employee assistance programs (EAPs). These issues include the following: 1. Problem areas that exist in a particular employee population 2. The significance of the impact of those problems upon the organization 3. Approaches to be considered in addressing problem areas 4. Compliance with federal and state confidentiality laws and regulations The major findings of this study reveal that in order for an EAP to be effective, the organization must examine its own individual needs and shape its EAP to those needs. At the same time, it is essential for the organization to strive for the flexibility necessary to adapt the organization’s structure to the changing needs of its workforce. Furthermore, these conditions must be continually met in order for employee assistance programs (EAPs) to remain successful. This process of integrating EAP functions with organizational goals is achieved through strategic planning. This study relies mainly on information obtained fran a variety of secondary sources which includes books, scholarly journals, periodicals and urpublished materials.