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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Dr. Cass D. Parker

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Dr. Alan Rubie

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Dr. Fisseha Abebe


Lignin is a biopolymer mainly formed from the trans-isomers of the three precursors: p-coumaryl alcohol, coniferyl alcohols, and sinapyl alcohol. Lignin components are analyzed by a twenty year old novel technique called GCXGC. Twenty-three lignin standards were injection into one-dimensional gas chromatography mass spectroscopy using 5 different column polarities. Dispersion Zone Density coefficient was developed to screen 40 predictive plots generated using two models derived from the retention indices. Ten predictive plots were chosen using the DZD coefficient which produced the best separation for the multifunctional lignin standards. The lignin standards were identified and characterize using the GCXGC. The quantitative analysis of the authentication of GCXGC analysis show better separation then the initial prediction for both models. CE-ESI-MS was the other method used for the analysis of lignin standards and Milled Wood Lignin.

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