Date of Award


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University or Center

Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


School of Education

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Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Moses Norman

Second Advisor

Dr. Barbara Hill

Third Advisor

Dr. Trevor Turner


The purpose of this research study was to determine if teachers responsible for implementing Response to Intervention (RTI) in elementary schools within the district of the study contributed to a disproportionate amount of students being referred for special education testing through the Response to Intervention process. The researcher examined teacher understanding of Response to Intervention and the implementation of the process. The method used involved a qualitative study that included three data collections methods to measure the teacher's perceptions: individual face-to-face interview sessions, written surveys, and a focus group interview. Participants in the study included 12 classroom teachers for independent interviews from six schools across three clusters of a school district 20 miles outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The focus group included eight teachers from two additional schools. In addition, each teacher was asked to complete a Teacher Interest Inventory Survey. The data produced from this study provided information to contribute to the understanding of factors that impact the number of children referred for special education testing through the Response to Intervention process. This study created an awareness and overall perception of teachers throughout the district regarding the RTI process. Limitations of this study include the limited number of people involved in the study. However, findings from a study such as this one can increase awareness of how children are referred for special education testing within a district studied that contribute to creating a disproportionate number of children referred for special education testing and could lead to similar studies in other school districts. Suggestions for further research are included within the study.

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