Date of Award


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University or Center

Atlanta University (AU)


School of Arts and Sciences

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Public Administration

First Advisor

Dr. Irvin Brown


The main purpose of this degree paper is to assess the impact of Reaganomics on the National Conference of Black Mayors (NCBM). In the context of this effort, the follow ing categories of NCBM programs and activities will be analyzed: educational and research; economic development;community development; municipal management; program coordination; and legislative and policy advocacy.

By use of the case study approach, the writer conducts a detailed assessment of the impact of Reaganomics on a minority organization which to a large extent relies on Federal funding. The dismantling of certain programs and departments, coupled with a reduction in spending, tax cuts and the shifting of both the tax burden and public services from Washington to state and local government is seen by the NCBM as an attempt to reduce the gains made by minorities since the Reconstruction. The NCBN, like many other non-profit organizations endeavors to find alternative sources of funding to enable it to continue to operate and eventually become self—sustaining. The writer views various measures which are being pursued to ameliorate the negative impact of Reaganomics.

The main source of information for this descriptive study was obtained as a result of the writer’s participative observation while assigned to the NCBM as an intern. Primary information was elicited from NCBM staff members as well as black mayors. A wider variety of information was derived from secondary sources such as textbooks, magazines, newsletters and NCBM file data.