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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)


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Social Work Policy Planning and Administration

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Dr. Joyce Goosby

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Dr. Vimala Pillari

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Dr. Bettye M. Clark


This is a study of relationship abuse patterns among lesbians that abuse substances. Victims of domestic violence usually do not report the crime, especially lesbian victims. Traditionally, societal norms identify domestic violence as being between a male and a female. Therefore, information describing the lesbian victim demographics and rate of occurrences are limited. Many lesbian do not go to the police because they do not feel they will be taken seriously since the abuser is another woman. In addition, some lesbians are afraid of being judged because of their lifestyle or because of the psychological affects the abuse has caused them; they feel that their situation is not serious. The lesbian population is underrepresented in domestic violence statistics. This study explores the physical, emotional, sexual relationship abuse, the prevalence of dominant and femme lesbian abuse patterns and the effects of substance abuse as it relates to domestic violence.

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