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Atlanta University (AU)


School of Arts and Sciences

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Professor Ranjit Singh


Capital formation and innovation are regarded as the two most important things in economic development. The main purpose of this thesis is to try to inquire as to the nature and extent of taxation as a manipulator to the capital formation as well as to the economic development in developing countries. Special emphasis is placed upon the discussion of the role of various taxes in the take—off stage.

Taxation is the important hope of capital formation in developing countries——the important instrument of underdeveloped countries to break the vicious circle of poverty and to emerge from poverty. Taxation has many facets: it can be a source of capital formation, an incentive for investment, an instrument of equalization, and an implement of curtailment of consumption of those above the subsistence level. There is no doubt that it will play a very important role in economic development.

Taxation, here we try to explore in a broad sense includes inflation, government monopolistic enterprises and levy of various taxes. Levy of various taxes is the most important and will be the center of this thesis.