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Clark Atlanta University(CAU)

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Foreign Languages

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Laurent P. Monye

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E. D. Clowney


This study, written in French, examines both the parallel and conflicting events in the childhoods and adolescent periods of two significant francophone writers, Camara Laye and Joseph Zobel, through an in depth analysis of their respective novels L'enfant noir and la Rue Cases-Negres. The study was based on the assertion that children of African heritage growing up in French colonial society would have similar experiences bearing distinct cultural markers. The following sources were used in the development of this thesis: direct comparison of the two novels, study of twentieth century literary criticism, and research of other scholarly works in the field of modern francophone literature. In this analysis, the researcher explored similar elements between Franco-African and Franco-Caribbean culture in the themes of music, oral tradition, colonial education, language, religion and superstition, and social interaction as represented in the two novels. Furthermore, the study described the conflicting representations of the conditions of French colonialism in each of the settings of the novels and how those representations do or do not reflect the general thinking of the literary period in which they were published.

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